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Doorbell Ditch: The Young James Chronicles

When I was a wee tyke of 3-4 years old, I used to love to play doorbell ditch. Doorbell ditch is a game where you ring someone’s doorbell and run away before they open it.

I thought it was lots of fun, and played it constantly. Looking back, though, my grasp of the concept was a little weak. If I could go back in time, I think I’d give younger me these three valuable tips:

  1. Don’t always pick your own doorbell to ring and run. Though they may pretend otherwise, your parents are used to it and know it’s you.

  2. Don’t hide in the same place every single time. Your hiding place has been discovered. Run for different cover.

  3. Silence is a virtue, at least when it comes to hiding. Hold the giggles in until you’re found. Then you’re free to fall over laughing as many times as you want.

Sadly, I was not as innovative at terrifying my parents at that age as I became in the ensuing years. On the bright side, time teaches all.