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Consent, Boundaries, and Toxic Relationships

Have you ever felt uncomfortable around someone for reasons you couldn’t identify? Have you ever felt like someone was crossing a line but didn’t know how to effectively express what made you uncomfortable, and why it wasn’t okay? This workshop addresses some common causes of that feeling, and ways to address them. Focusing on consent, not just in sexual situations, but in everyday life, boundaries and how to decide on and communicate them, and the identification of toxic relationships, you’ll leave this workshop with a toolkit to face difficult conversations and uncomfortable situations with those you value.


Trans Identity

Trans 101

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Navigating Gender Identity

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.” But where do you start, especially when it comes to gender? This workshop is an exploration of gender through art, journaling, and planning methodology. We’ll discuss terms and pronouns, as well as ways to address inappropriate questions without answering them. We’ll explore gender identity, dysphoria, gender expression, and identity as a whole through a couple activities, then talk about effective goal setting and how to ensure taking action on goals. We’ll follow that with a hand-out with a variety of hotlines (local, topical, and international). You’ll leave this workshop with not only a better understanding of your gender, gender expression, and identity as a whole, but with the resources to plan how to express yourself more fully and reach effectively toward your dreams.

Making Workplaces More Trans-Inclusive

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Self-Care & Community

Humanism, Trans Identity, and Growth in Community

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One Day at a Time: Self-care brain hacks that saved my life

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