James Avery Fuchs is the founder of The Gayly Nerd, your daily dose of rainbows, memes, and self-care. He also created the podcast “A Queer Was Here” (currently on hiatus) and speaks on topics ranging from trans identity to consent to self-care. He lives, breathes, and regularly performs poetry.

James currently has six paperback books available on Lulu and Amazon, and two albums on Bandcamp. He was Program Director for the Humanist Society of Greater Phoenix in 2017 until his move to Pennsylvania, and still highly values his connections there.

Currently, James is working on his third spoken word CD, his “The Gayly Nerd” self-care project, a series of poetry ebooks, and a number of new speeches.

The five things he enjoys most are listening to music and podcasts, traveling, writing, archery, and spending time with friends and family.

This is his official website and blog.

See his resumé.

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